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Importing, processing, and marketing aluminum, stainless, specialized metals and tool steels.

Packer Quality Metals is part of the Packer Steel Industries Group, which provides steel services, profiles, galvanization, quality metals and light construction, processing, along with electronic packaging and lighting engineering.


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Stainless Steel

Company Profile

Packer Quality Metals is part of the Packer Steel Industries group, which was founded in 1934 and has since become one of the largest companies leading the metal industry in Israel. The company’s facilities are located in the Bar Lev Industrial Park, spread out over 13,000 sq. m. (approx 3.2 acres).

Our inventory includes over 5,000 different items, including unique products based on customer demand.

We offer a high level of service and commit to fast delivery from the moment an order is received.


Why Packer?



With decades of experience in the industry, Packer Metals upholds a commitment to our customers to provide the highest-quality products available. We believe that product quality is the key to our customers’ success, and therefore, we partner with leading global suppliers of aluminum, stainless, and steel alloys.

מניפת מתכות רחבה

Product Range

Thanks to our vast experience and global familiarity with the metal field, we supply a wide variety of metals on demand such as aluminum alloys and stainless, along with other specialized metals including nickel and titanium alloys.

התאמה אישית


Packer Quality Metals offers competitive pricing customized to all your metal needs, giving you a one-stop shop solution for a wide variety of metals and related services.

אספקה מהירה ושירותים נוספים

Fast Delivery & Other Services

Packer Quality Metals commits to supplying its customers with an end-to-end process including cutting, handling, and packaging in the shortest possible time frame thanks to our advanced management and warehousing systems. We transport goods using our own trucks, which operate throughout the country.

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